Welcome Hotel stories

A place steeped in history

The Welcome Hotel has stood the test of time, with its many interesting stories.

Trace the 100-year history of the Welcome Hotel, discover the iconic artists who have made this hotel a place like nowhere else, and rediscover the play "Le testament d'Orphée" by the famous Jean Cocteau, the Welcome Hotel's emblematic figure.

The Welcome Hotel through the ages

It was undoubtedly the bay of Villefranche-sur-mer that enchanted you, encouraging you to come and visit our beautiful village.

The Family Saga

Artists and Welcome

A few quotes

"I live in a strange place, the Welcome Hotel, a box completely suspended from the last branches of a sparkling Christmas tree..."
1926 Letters from Jean Cocteau to Marcel Jouhandeau  

"Mama, darling, Villefranche is a marvel with its ships, its cannons, its hymns and its jazz. This excessive life overwhelms me and I watch it wisely from my bedroom as if from an opera box".
1925 Letter from Jean Cocteau to his mother 

"Right here in Villefranche, every evening, I sit alone on the harbour. The routine is gentle. A star lights up on the right, another is about to light up above Saint-Jean.
I know the order in which the stars light up; between the first and the second an old man passes by with a goat on a leash. The boats clash, the lighthouse carries its megaphone over the sea".

When I look at Villefranche I see my youth, make the men it never changes

 From time to time, you need a break from doing nothing