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Saint Peter Chapel

“When I open my window onto one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, there is the Saint Peter chapel, just below, blinking at me with its candelabras straight from the Apocalypse" Jean Cocteau.

This 14th century building is located on the fishing port. In 1957, Jean Cocteau decorates it with frescos that evoke the Mediterranean and episodes of Saint Peter’s life. The chapel belongs to the fishermen’s corporation of Villefranche. It is classified as a historical monument since the 27th of December 1996.

Saint Michel Church

The Saint Michel Church, in the heart of the old town, was built the first quarter of the 14th century and then modified at the end of the 18th century. This church took the appearance of the italian baroque style. It hosts several pieces of work and exhibitions. It was classified as a historical monument on the 26th of June 1990. The church is one of the most interesting of the County of Nice, due to its harmonious proportions, the richness of its altar and the marble communion table.

The Old Town

Visit the old town with its narrow and winding streets, as well as the Obscure street located 50 metres behind the hotel.

Classified as Historical Monument in 1932, it is a magic place that takes you back to the atmosphere of the medieval Villefranche. Behind the hotel, do not miss the Obscure street!

The fishing port and the Amélie Pollonnais Square

Walk along the docks and enjoy the colourful facades and the view on “one of the most beautiful bays in the world” (Jean Cocteau). You can admire a bust of Jean Cocteau, made in bronze, just in front of the Welcome with one of his quotes : “when I look at Villefranche, I see my youth, may men never let it change” 1952.

The Darse Royal port

From the Welcome Hotel, take the Chemin de Ronde and walk along the dock of la Corderie and its marina, the shipyard and the oceanographic observatory, where research activities are lead in three laboratories (oceanology, marine geosciences and cellular biology).

Around 150 people work there. The buildings and the infrastructure elements are classified as historical monuments since the 2nd of November 1991.

The Fortress of Villefranche sur Mer

This 16th century monument was built to prevent any assault from the sea. In 1543 war was taking place on our shore and the 110 galleys of Barbarossa moored in Villefranche, raiding, burning and destroying everything on their way.

It was restored in 1979 and now hosts the Town hall, the Municipal Police and a cultural centre (Museum, Auditorium, Open-air Theatre) as well as a flowered garden with a breathtaking view on the sea.

Museums in Villefranche

The walls of the Fortress host 4 museums:

The Musée Volti Foundation : Nested in the heart of the blockhouses of the Fortress, a whole population of  women made of bronze, copper and terra cotta display their voluptuous curves in a rough stones setting.

The Goetz-Boumeester Museum : which displays a hundred of artworks of these two artists who formed one of the most well-matched couples of modern art.

The 24th B.C.A. Salle du Souvenir : Confined to the Fortress living Quarters from 1876 to 1939, the 24th BCA, successor of the foot soldiers battalion of Napoleon III, was the last army corps to live in the monument.

The Roux Collection: several hundreds of figurines, thousands of hours of work and love, the artwork of a whole life take us through the daily life of the women and men of the Middle Age and Renaissance.


Other excursions

Excursions on foot: Thanks to its position, Villefranche is a centre for nice walks and excursions. The Mont Boron forest and the Mont Alban Fort towards Nice – Beaulieu through the beach and the Baie des Fourmis – The Cap Ferrat – The St Michel Plateau with its old chapel and its panoramic point – The charm of the various touristic paths connecting the three Corniches – The unique view from the panoramic point and St Michel chapel

Excursions by minibus: Enquire at the hotel reception desk for booking of guided tours (pick-up in front of the hotel) towards Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Cannes and the picturesque villages of Eze and St Paul...

The small touristic train La Rafale offers a 25 minutes guided tour, departing from the Square Amélie Pollonnais, going through the restaurants, the Fortress, theditches, the old town and then back to the Square Amélie Pollonnais, from the 15th of April to the end of October.  (Low season: only when cruise ships stop over).
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Plage des Marinières : Only 5 minutes walk from the hotel, enjoy the nice temperature of the water (showers and toilets available).

Plage de Passable : With its small private beach reachable thanks to a free shuttle (booking at the reception desk), departure in front of the hotel

Scuba Diving

With an average depth of 17m, the Villefranche harbour reaches 95m at its entry and goes on offshore at around one mile through the canyon of Villefranche. Its depth allows welcoming the biggest cruise ships and free diving competitions.

The Marine Aqua Pro Dive Diving Centre and itslicensedinstructor offer you underwater explorations and introduction diving. Departure in front of the hotel.
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Meet the cetaceans

Get onboard  “La Sirène”. Group and individual excursions – 1 hour – 2 hours – ½ day "to meet the cetaceans". Booking recommended

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Departure in front of the hotel.

Ephrussi de Rothschild Villa and Gardens

Located in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is a magnificent palace surrounded by famous gardens, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Discover the Villa, created by the Baroness de Rothschild during the Belle Epoque, that holds a wonderful collection of pieces of furniture, paintings and rare pieces of porcelain. The tea house has a fantastic view on the harbour of Villefranche. A unique site dedicated to gardens, art and beauty.

Villa Kerylos

Located in Beaulieu sur mer, the Villa Kérylos is the sole reconstruction, worldwide, of a sumptuous palace of the Ancient Greece, completely furnished and decorated. Discover, with an audio guided tour, this villa created by Theodore Reinach during the Belle Epoque and the daily life of a palace during Antiquity.  A marvellous place, a fascinating visit.

Villa Santo Sospir

Villa located on the west side of Cap Ferrat, built between 1931 and 1935, in a neo-regionalist style. It was bought by Francine Weisweiller, rich wife of a businessman, who decorated the villa in a colonial style.

From 1950, her friend, the poet and painter Jean Cocteau, decorated the interior of the villa with wall paintings representing subjects such as the Mediterranean sea and its fishermen, the sun, the night and mythology. This villa, which appeared in the movie  “The testament of Orpheus”, is a remarkable evidence of the artist’s work.

Musée Chagall - Nice

The Marc Chagall National Museum, a monographic and thematic museum, was created further to the wish of the artist to gather in a sole place, built for that purpose, his more important work on the Bible: the seventeen paintings that form the Biblical Message.

Musée Matisse – Nice

Exhibited in the rooms of the Villa des Arènes, a Genovese dwelling of the 17th century that hosts the Matisse Museum since 1963, the permanent collection of the museum holds 68 paintings and gouache, 236 drawings, 218 engravings, 57 sculptures, that is to say most of the sculpted artwork, 14 illustrated books and also 95 photographs, 187 objects that belonged to the painter, as well as silkscreen printings, tapestries, ceramics, stained glasses and documents.